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Microchanneling hair loss treatment

Stimulate hair regrowth for men and women. It is by far one of the most recognized methods of reducing the signs of aging.

Microchanneling FAQs

  • Step 1: The day before your tan
    We recommend that you do not tan after 8 PM because the tan can strain your hands while sleeping if a tan is done after 8 PM or late at night, please wear cloth gloves while you are sleeping. Shave all areas that you normally shave. DO NOT shave the day of tan to prevent minor spotting. Exfoliate with a washcloth or one of our recommended skin products (this is not mandatory but will help).
  • Step 2: The same day you receive your tan
    DO NOT use any body lotion, body cream, make up or perfume the day you will be tanning. DO NOT shave the day of the tan to prevent minor spotting. DO NOT wax any area of your body including your face the day of your tan. DO NOT put on any underarm deodorant (powders or lotions). Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing (No tight-fitting clothing, socks, or tight-fitting shoe apparel). Cotton clothing is optimal (tanning bronzer stains will wash out of most cotton clothing) Please bring a bathing suite or underwear or other suitable tanning attire.
Microchanneling Hair Loss Treatment
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